About Us

Our Story

We were founded in 1984 by Greg Riley in the bedroom of his home as G.S. Riley Sales Co.-Manufacturer’s Representatives. Since then, we’ve represented some of the world’s leading manufacturers. And over the years, Greg began to take a diversified approach to his business.

Our Approach

While making sure that he and his team were good at whatever they were doing, he wasn’t willing to put all of his eggs in one basket. So, he renamed his company GS Riley, LLC and began adding complimentary services, like import consulting. And with his passion for cars, he added services like brokering and appraising.

Meet the Team

We are dedicated professionals who are passionate about servicing our clients with the best service possible.

Greg with skyline

Greg Riley

Founder & President

Father of 7, Business Owner, World Traveler, Car Restorer/Enthusiast, Photographer, and Auto Journalist

Janet Williams

Sr. Administrator

A self-proclaimed computer geek with a “There got to be a way …” attitude. Excell is her best friend, and she can’t stop until the puzzle is solved.